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Successful Treatment For Neuropathic Pain


At Rehaba, we’re dedicated to helping as many people as possible experience the best possible treatment for neuropathic relief. After years of research into the causes of diabetic nerve damage and discovering the negative aspects of many treatments of peripheral neuropathy, we developed TeslaMax so that sufferers of diabetic neuropathy pain could experience non-invasive relief. Here are some testimonials from those who have used TeslaMax.


"I had very serious diabetic neuropathy in my feet with fluid build-up, pitting, discoloration, tight ankles, and sores that didn’t heal. The spasms in my calves were extremely bad, and because my balance was not good, I had to use a cane to keep from falling. My foot pain was at an 8 or a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. After just one 45-minute TeslaMax session, I felt a world of difference. I could walk without my cane, and I had much more feeling in my feet without numbness or pain! Even though the TeslaMax gave me some very deep contractions, it did not hurt at all. I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from foot numbness or pain. After treating myself twice a day for six weeks, my foot pain is down to a 2 and almost completely resolved. I am profoundly grateful for this little device. It’s working for me!”

Frank W. — Tennessee


“I could feel a world of difference”



“Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy Resolved”


"Chemo induced neuroptahy pain resolved with the TeslaMax take home program”

Larry S. — California

“We had a patient present with a wound down to the bone. All the doctors in town at the local wound treatment center told us that nothing could grow skin over bone and the patient would have to have an amputation. Within 30 days we had skin grow back over the bone and within three months the foot was almost completely healed. The patient had a full recovery in six months.”

Roopa Chari, MD — California


“The patient had a full recovery in six months”



“Now she’s walking without pain”

“We had a patient present the day before they were scheduled for a foot amputation. We saved her foot with the TeslaMax, and it healed completely. I had another female patient with neuropathy after chemotherapy. Now she’s walking without pain and even doing yoga. I had a patient who had neuropathy so bad in his feet that I told him he could not drive his car, since not having sensation in your feet can make it unsafe to operate a vehicle. After a few treatments he’s back to driving and feels great. His balance has also improved. When you have pain like he did, it affects your wellbeing. It’s just amazing what he’s going through now. Because he’s feeling good, it’s helping his overall outlook on life.”

Cherilyn Lee, RN, NP, CNHP, PhD — California



“He can feel the floor for the first time in 10 years”

I had a 62-year-old male patient that had been diabetic for 25 years. He had neuropathy and numbness in the feet and foot ulcers that wouldn’t heal. He had gotten multiple surgical procedures with a podiatrist, and was not healing. We used the TeslaMax unit on him. We treated his infections as well and were able to close those lesions up. He can feel the floor for the first time in ten years.”

Thomas Vellef, MD — Florida



“Nothing else worked anywhere close”

“Remarkable results for neuropathy patients who failed to benefit from laser, ultrasound, stim, and injections elsewhere. Nothing else worked anywhere close. I recommend the TeslaMax® Home Program wholeheartedly.”

Dorian Quinn, DC, LAc — Oregon



“The results have been superb”

“I have tried and tested all manner of electrical stim equipment in my practice and nothing compares to the TeslaMax® treatment programs when it comes to getting results for my patients. As far as our experience with difficult diabetic and circulatory neuropathy, there is no other choice. I get medical referrals for this technology from two podiatrists in town. It exceeds all my clinical expectations and there is nothing like the TeslaMax when it comes to helping patients resolve their foot pain. The results have been superb.”

Roosevelt Smith, DC — North Carolina



Successful Incontinence Treatment


Rehaba is proud to be able to offer TeslaMax as a revolutionary incontinence treatment. We know that loss of bladder control can be so much more than just an inconvenience to people. Beyond the embarrassment factor, it can reduce self-confidence and cause people to miss out on opportunities they might have otherwise enjoyed. That’s where TeslaMax comes in, a safe and effective treatment for urinary incontinence in men and women. Here are some testimonials from patients who have reaped the benefits of our machines.


“Before using the TeslaMax, I had to cross my legs every time I laughed or sneezed to keep from having an embarrassing leak. I couldn’t even run around the park with my grandkids for fear I would wet my pants. Urinary incontinence was really getting in the way of enjoying life. Then I heard how the TeslaMax targeted exercise program could help me rejuvenate my deep pelvic floor muscles—all in the privacy of my own home. After just a couple of weeks of treatment, I could really tell a difference. After two months, I rarely ever had any leaks. After six months, I had a full return of bladder control like I did before I had my five kids. Recently I ran a race with my grandkids. They won, but I didn’t have any leaks!”

Suzanne G. — Oregon


“After just a couple of weeks of treatment, I could really tell a difference”


“With the Tesla-Based Technology™, I’ve observed incredible results with incontinence because it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles unlike anything I’ve seen. The women who have experienced these benefits have gotten their freedom and self-confidence back. They’re not living their life based on how their bladder is functioning. I highly recommend the Tesla-Based Technology™ for women who are experiencing incontinence as a first-line treatment—before resorting to drugs or invasive surgery. One of my patients had a prolapsed uterus that was completely pulled back in after three weeks of strengthening her deep pelvic floor muscles with nothing else but this technology. This non-drug, non-surgical incontinence treatment program really works.”

Roopa Chari, MD — California


“I’ve observed incredible results….”


“Our patients are amazed at the results they are getting with the TeslaMax program. We even have a former United States Congresswomen who has agreed to share her enthusiasm publicly for the results we helped her achieve in overcoming her incontinence.”

Cherilyn Lee, RN, NP, CNHP, PhD — California


“Our patients are amazed…”



“The TeslaMax has really made a difference…”


“This is such a wonderful instrument which you can use in your own home that is easy to operate and works! The TeslaMax has really made a difference for my incontinence. I want to thank Dr. Lee for having the insight to see that this technology could help me. The combination of this technology with a caring, insightful clinician can change the world.”

Diane Watson — Former U.S. Congresswoman and California State Senator

“This is the best exercise on the planet! If you want to target and strengthen any muscle in the body (like the deep pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder) there is no better way to do it than by resisting the deep contractions generated by the TeslaMax. I use it and I love it.”

Nick Delgado, PhD, Diplomat A4M, Current Strength Endurance World Record Holder — California


“I use it and I love it”



“It’s simple, it’s painless, and it works!”

“With Rehaba’s TeslaMax targeted resistance exercise program, we have seen remarkable success in strengthening the deep pelvic floor muscles that are key to controlling the bladder. Patients love being able to take the TeslaMax equipment home and treat themselves in the privacy of their home instead of coming into the office for each treatment. It’s simple, it’s painless, and it works! Being able to help our patients return to normal bladder control and eliminate the leaks without drugs or surgery has been very professionally rewarding. There is a hidden epidemic of women (and men) struggling with this issue, and Rehaba has a very powerful solution that really works from our experience.”

Tom Giampa, Administrator at Optimal Health Services — Massachusetts




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